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Aksum Coffee House is a specialty coffee roaster with over ten years of experience in Ethiopian organic coffees. We started by roasting small batches in the traditional – and still very much used - Ethiopian way directly on charcoal, and developed our understanding of these complex coffees so that today we are able to supply some of the world's most unique coffees to our customers.

We source our coffees directly from the two primary Ethiopian coffee regions: the blueberry-tinged Harar coffees from Eastern Ethiopia, and the coffees with citrusy and floral flavours from Southern Ethiopia's Sidamo region. All our coffees are certified organic single origin beans, and they are certified by qualified local Q-graders to designate the cup quality of the bean. We have great capacity to source consistently from farmer-specific micro lots of very highly graded specialty coffees.


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Operations and sourcing
Jarmo Pikkujamsa

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Head Barista and shop manager
Papa Cheikh Ndiaye

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Barista Zenash Message Ayto


Barista Deressa Aboye Solomon

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Barista Dawit Tesfay


Aksum is a town in Northern Ethiopia, where the history of Ethiopia started three thousand years ago. Aksum is where the Queen of Sheba lived and ruled over a vast empire which was later to become what is now known as Ethiopia.

Did you know that coffee was first discovered and grown in Ethiopia? There is a region called Kaffa, which has given its name to the drink. In Ethiopia, however, coffee is known under the name bunna.

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